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The name dakuleda stands for timeless quality and literally translated ‘buy never buy’ it is original we stand on the same tradition to provide our customers and partners with quality, affordable, and highly satisfying experience with To achieve that, dakuleda is built on the very value that makes our customers and partners satisfied. is a business to customer e-commerce business specializing in the sales of automobiles, home appliances, mattresses, furniture, building and plumbing materials, mobile phones and accessories, kitchen appliances, herbal and pharmaceuticals medicines, residential and commercial rental properties, agricultural and food, legal services, fashion and cosmetics, art collection and multimedia services to our customers and potential customers. We stock high-quality mattresses, and home appliances while depending on our partnered vendors to deliver on other categories.


To offer our customers lasting quality products, low prices, convenient payment options that everyone can afford and excellent customer service online and physical shops. And giving our partners exceptional maturely beneficial business experiences.


Our vision since day one has been to gain the trust as a customer-focused business providing low prices, quality lasting products, tailored payment options, and excellent customer service to customers and our vendors.


Cedi Currency

Dakuleda Cedi Currency is a membership-based club that allows members to make a one-time subscription to enjoy instalment, credit, training and discount opportunities to the membership.

What we do;
  1. We offer members the opportunity to pay for products in daily, weekly and monthly installments to the full cost of predetermined products.
  2. We approve credit sales to members upon payment of an initial deposit agreed upon and a credit payment plan.
  3. We offer our members a special discounts on products from time to time.
  4. Cedi Currency Card members bearers enjoy free entrance to all training events

Cedi Currency is subjected to Terms and Conditions.